I counsel people on how to achieve optimal health through a lifestyle change incorporating proper nutrition, deep relaxation techniques, moderate exercises etc. After looking at your medical history and family history, I will write up a regimen to follow which will help your body detoxify and bring balance which in turn will dissolve fat, help you lose weight and better manage health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. I also have many tools like ionic foot detox, Reiki treatments, gentle yoga, which improve emotional well being and help reduce stress which help us control our cravings, moods etc. I do phone consults also. The fee is $149.00/hr.

8 Day Weight Loss Plan

This is an 8 day plan that will help you lose about 6-8 pounds in 8 days. You just repeat it as many times as you need to achieve your desired results. After following this plan you don't only lose weight, as a side effect, you become healthier and more energetic. The main features are that you do not have to starve yourself and you won't have to exercise more than 30 minutes a day. You will do a few other simple things like meditation, detox baths.  You can do this from the comfort of your home. We will tap into the detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties of food to lose weight and achieve optimal health. This is a weight loss consultation only. If you want consultation for other health condition you need to book consultation separately for that. Original price for the 8 day weight loss plan $499.00. Limited time discount $299.00.

Cooking Classes

Classes are also offered on  how to cook healthy meals which help us achieve optimal health. Classes include materials, demonstration, and you take dish home to enjoy. The fee is $149.00/hr.

Reiki Treatment and Meditation

The reiki sessions and the open heart meditations offered here, will help improve physical health, mental clarity and release stress and tension. Reiki helps in establishing emotional balance by balancing chakras. These treatments are very effective at cleansing and opening chakras which help in our well being and spiritual progress. The path I follow is of Reiki TUMMO. TUMMO means Kundalini. Reiki TUMMO treatments help in Kundalini awakening which plays a crucial role in deeper spiritual awakening. The fee is $50/hr.

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